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The Bioinformatics Studio is an inclusive and hands-on environment for learning, training, sharing, and most importantly DOING bioinformatics at Temple University. Come join us and see what it’s about!


Our Bioinformatics Studio is an inclusive environment for bioinformatics at Temple University. Whether you’ve never coded before or you’re a coding whiz, we’ll help you jump into the mix!

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Guided hands-on bioinformatics training at every level of expertise in an open studio format. Learn bioinformatics coding and tools by doing it yourself. We’ll meet you where you’re at and get you started in no time!

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Programming interview preparation and drills. Build out your Git portfolio with collaborative bioinformatics projects. Take your programming skills to the next level!

Visiting Speakers

Hear and discuss bleeding-edge science with invited speakers from industry and academia.


Here's what our members have to say about the studio.

Adam H.

Since joining the studio to learn about data analysis for research, I've learned tons about the different problems bioinformatics can overcome. The studio is an extremely helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn how to code or get help with approaching data from a computer science perspective.

Quentin N.

The TU bioinformatics studio has been a great place to sharpen my coding skills with my peers as well as learn more about the field of bioinformatics from both an industrial and a research perspective.


Fall 2022: Meeting Thursdays in SERC 604 @ 4pm

Date Speaker/Tutorial Time
Thursday, Sept. 8th Welcome! in SERC 604 5pm
Thursday, Sept. 15th Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Sept. 22nd Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Sept. 29th Dr. Craig Stanley, VP of Data Strategy and Technical Operation, IND 5pm 4pm
Thursday, Oct. 6th Fox Chase Cancer Center Zoom Presentation 4pm
Thursday, Oct. 13th Open Coding & Open Samsung Demonstration 4pm
Thursday, Oct. 20th Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Oct. 27th Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Nov. 3rd Open Coding & FCCC Project Discussion 4pm
Thursday, Nov. 10th HPC Resources Seminar by Jason Lamanna & Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Nov. 17th RNA-seq Galaxy Pipeline Seminar by Stephen Shank @ FCCC & Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Dec. 1st Open Coding 4pm
Thursday, Dec. 8th Open Coding 4pm
Available Tutorials
Intro to Anaconda
Intro to Python: Variable Types
Intro to Python: Loops & Conditional Statements
PANDAS Introduction
Graphing: Matplotlib and Seaborn
Introduction to Functions
Introduction to Libraries
De Novo Assembly Analysis

You can request access to our tutorials by contacting studio admins or accessing the shared google drive.


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President/Project Lead

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Vice President

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Training Coordinator

Po'Hsin Yu

Event Manager

Graduate Student Advisory Board

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Alexander Lucaci

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Hannah Verdonk

Faculty Advisors

Rob Kulathinal


Vincenzo Carnevale


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